It has been the case for decades in worldwide construction and engineering that contractors and subcontractors face ever longer waiting times to receive (if at all), their extension of time and monetary compensation entitlements under the agreed contract signed by the procuring party.

Very regularly this unfortunate situation is coupled with threats to levy delay damages for non-completion on time according to the other party to the contract.

The position has been exacerbated by the lack of neutrality of the Engineer and the introduction of Dispute Adjudication Boards e.g. under FIDIC contracts.

Whereas in some countries, statutory adjudication is available to construction industry contracting parties, often the parties to the construction contract in Bahrain and the wider GCC, are required to invoke the dispute mechanism of the contract and/or Arbitration. 

Unrivalled Construction & Engineering Industry Knowledge, Experience and Expertise:

Noble Consulting’s breadth of construction and engineering industry: commercial, technical, contractual and dispute resolution knowledge experience and expertise is unrivalled and underpins its ability to prepare entitlements and claims and recover specialist clients' extensions of time and money which may be to prevent or minimise losses on any given project, or which may represent your profit on that project.

Noble Consulting aims aim to prevent or substantially reduce double handling and substantially reduce the cost of disputes for our clients.

Noble Consulting’s objective is simple: the provision of rapid and effective solutions, irrespective of size or complexity.

NCC Staff have worked on many large and prestigious projects and have expertise and experience of contract administration and disputes involving many facets of substantial international building and civil engineering main contracts, including M&E works, as well as subcontracts (and other contracts that arise out of construction contracts including construction bonds, warranties, insurance contracts and professional engagements).  

NCC’s work has involved many types of construction and engineering projects including bridges, highways, pipelines, harbour facilities, tunnels, infrastructure projects, commercial buildings (e.g. offices, shopping centres, galleries, sports stadia), apartments and housing developments ⁄ dwellings.

Recent cases include assisting parties in relation to extension of time, liquidated damages and compensation claims including drafting Draft Final Statements on:  KAFD (Riyadh), Burj Khalifa (Dubai); University project (Cairo), Cogen power plant (Singapore), Infrastructure and tunnelling project (Abu Dhabi), Nuclear power plants (Abu Dhabi), cement Plant (Sharjah), High rise and low rise Developments (UAE).

NCC staff have significant experience including working in the GCC (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi), South Africa, and in South East Asia (Singapore and South Korea) as well as on cases involving The Netherlands, Spain, Pakistan, Hong Kong and Bermuda.